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Emil Nolde

(b Nolde, Schleswig-Holstein, 7 Aug 1867; d Seebull, Schleswig-Holstein, 13 April 1956).

German painter, watercolourist and printmaker. He was one of the strongest and most independent of the German Expressionists. Nolde belonged to the Dresden-based group known as DIE BRUCKE from 1906 to 1907. Primarily a colourist, he is best known for his paintings in oil, his watercolours and his graphic work. His art was deeply influenced by the stark natural beauty of his north German homeland, and alongside numerous landscapes, seascapes and flower paintings, Nolde also produced works with religious and imaginary subjects.




Autumn Sea VII


Blue Sea and Red Clouds


Farmstead under Red Evening


Landscape in Red Light


Mountain Slope over the Sea


Flower Garden (Girl and Washing)


Remote Girls


Blonde Girl and Man


Blue Couple (in Profile) in Sidelight


Comical Figures


Couple (Red and Blue) in Sidelight


The Mocking of Christ


Couple (Red and Yellow)


Couple and Beraded Older Man
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