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Edward Hargitt (3 May 1835 – 19 March 1895) was a Scottish ornithologist.

Edward Hargitt, born in Edinburgh studied art in the Royal Scottish Academy and was a fairly good painter of landscapes. These paintings yield high prices today, auctioned at Christie's. He became also an ornithologist and developed into an expert on woodpeckers. He was the author of the monograph on Picidae for the Catalogue of the Birds in the British Museum, published in 1890. During later years, he prepared 1300 drawings of woodpeckers for a proposed monograph, but the whereabouts of these is currently unknown.

edward_hargitt_nearbuxtonderbyshire.jpgTitle: Near Buxton, Derbyshire

Artist: Edward Hargitt

Dimensions: 19.5" x 13"

Type: Watercolour

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